G-A-Y Club To Hold One Minute Silence For Paris Victims Before Show Tonight

G-A-Y Club To Hold One Minute Silence For Paris Victims Before Show Tonight

One of the UK’s biggest gay clubs, G-A-Y at Heaven will hold a one minute’s silence before its show tonight.

G-A-Y boss, Jeremy Joseph tweeted that a decision had been made to show “respect” to victims of a terror attack in Paris yesterday by holding a minute’s silence before tonight’s show starring Fleur East and Seann Miley Moore.

The French capital of Paris was the scene of chaos last night as 8 reported terrorist members of ISIS killed scores of people and injuring at least 100.
In a chilling statement where the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the atrocity, the Bataclan concert hall, where nearly 90 people were killed, was chosen specifically because “hundreds of idolaters were together in a party of perversity”.
Islamic State have stepped up their executions of gay men, or men accused of being gay in 2015 in the regions in which they are in control. In the past ISIS has branded gay people ‘the worst of all creatures’.
In a flash poll 43% of our readers said that the terror attacks on Paris made them worried about going out socially, raising questions about whether LGBT venues are safe from terror attacks both in Europe and in the UK.
THEGAYUK reached out for comment from Mr Joseph on whether extra security measures would be taken.
Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for counter terrorism, said:

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“We have been strengthening policing on the street. People may notice some changes at events at big cities across the country.

“We will constantly keep that under review in the forthcoming days and weeks but we can’t let the terrorists defeat us by becoming fearful and withdrawing from the streets.

“The term I would use is ‘to be alert, not alarmed’.