Phillip Poole Homophobic attack

A gay couple were brutally beaten in what’s been described as a homophobic attack on a London-bound train on Valentine’s Day.


Phillip Poole Homophobic attack
CREDIT: Phillip Poole

Phillip Poole, 35 and his boyfriend, Zbynek Zatloukal, 26 were apparently brutally beaten on a London-bound train travelling from Reading on Valentine’s day. Mr Poole said that the couple were set upon by a gang of five “for being gay”.


Mr Poole took to social media to share the shocking images of his and his boyfriend’s injuries. The attack has left him feeling anxious and “jumpy”.

HAPPY TIMES: The couple before the attack – a happy Valentine’s night out.


The thugs boarded the train in Ealing, West London and verbally abused the couple with a homophobic insult before physically attacking them. Mr Poole says that he was sleeping on his partner’s shoulder when a punch to the face woke him.

Speaking to the Standard he said,

“I can’t really remember much about what happened because I was in such shock when I woke up. I managed to get up and stumble down the carriageway but then they followed me.”

He said that he was not a violent person and did not know how to defend himself against the abusive onslaught. The 36-year-old said he was still jumpy from the incident.


The couple, who have been together since November 2015 sustained cuts and bruises and were taken to Ealing Hospital.

Mr Poole took to his Facebook profile to thank his friends and family for their well wishes

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“Just wanted to thank everyone so much for your comments of supportmeans the world to Zbyněk and I. We are home resting now but are very bruised and swollen”.


British Transport Police have said they are aware of the incident and was investigating and Mr Poole confirmed to THEGAYUK that they would be contact them next week.

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