A couple who had been together for 21 years were killed when the Miami bridge collapsed on their car.


Osvaldo “Ozzy” González, 57, and Alberto Arias, 54 were killed instantly when their car passed under a collapsing bridge in Miami.

The couple, described as “soulmates”, who had been together for 21 years, had spent the morning helping Alberto’s mother move into their home. They went out to do some tasks, when their white Chevy truck passed under the Florida International University footbridge as it came crashing down on March 15th.


The 862-tonne, 174ft (53m) bridge collapsed at 1:47 PM. It killed six victims who were passing under the bridge at the time of its failure. The footbridge was newly built and construction took just six hours.

According to the Miami Herald, Alberto’s mother became worried after she heard about the disaster on local media and started to call her son’s mobile phone, but it was already too late.

The couple owned a business together and were originally both from Cuba.


Ozzy’s sister, Marisol González, said he was, “The best brother, friend, very cheerful, with a desire to live life to the fullest.”

The couple will be buried together.

Luis Arias, Alberto’s nephew said, “They were together for 21 years — they were partners,”

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“They were together in their ups they were together in their downs, they were together in their travels and enjoying life and they will be together when they are laid to rest.”

Both families of the men are filing a lawsuit against the companies involved in the bridge collapse.

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