Decoding ASL – if you see “ASL” in someone’s dating or Grindr profile, here is what it means.

If you’re in your twenties then you might not remember a time when we used to have to use a dialup modem to get onto the internet, use the house phone line, and the only way to really get photos online was to scan actual photos – yep, printed pieces of paper, which used to always scan upside down for some reason.

It was a ball ache and took ages – and that’s if the website you were using accepted photos. So most people didn’t bother.

Therefore it was very common to start a chat conversation, with a random person, with the acronym “ASL”, which simply means Age, Sex Location. A super-quick way to discover if the person you were talking to was your vibe.

Thanks to smartphones and gay dating apps, like Grindr location and sex are pretty much taken care of, however, you might still need to ask his age, if that kind of thing is important to you.


ASL can also stand for American Sign Language, so it could also mean that, particularly if you’re in the US, that the person you’re messaging can sign.

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