Broken Rainbow UK, the LGBT domestic violence charity, received confirmation this afternoon that the funding for their helpline is secure for another 12 months.

The charity that has been campaigning for several months to save the helpline, received the news just hours before their board was due to meet to decide on its closure.

Managing Director of Broken Rainbow, Jo Harvey Barringer, says, “What has kept us going these past difficult months has been the incredible level of support from the general public particularly those from within the LGBT community and the women’s domestic violence sector.”


In January there were fears that the charity would not be funded after the Home Office failed to announce whether funding would be extended for another year. The potential closure was lambasted by MP Caroline Lucas as “perverse and counterproductive”

Broken Rainbow has received over £25,000 for the campaign ‘There is no Pride in Domestic Abuse’. And tens of thousands of people have shared the campaign and cause on social media. Just this morning a petition with 30,000 signatures on it was delivered to the Home Secretary.

Broken Rainbow has been overwhelmed by some of the comments it has received from past service users.


Jo Harvey Barringer continues, “We know what we do makes a difference to many people’s lives, but for them to share what has been some of their most difficult life experiences and how we made a positive difference to that, has been humbling and affirming that the service we offer is a vital one that needs to continue.”

Here are some of the amazing comments Broken Rainbow has been sent in the past months, thank you so much for sharing:

‘As a lesbian whilst coming out in my teens I found help and support from various groups now it’s a chance for me to give something back. Even though I have never been a victim of any sort of domestic abuse I do know those who have with nowhere to turn to these organisations are lifelines please keep them operating’


‘This is one cause you can not drop…too many depend on Broken Rainbow, without their help there would be nowhere to turn to… and more will suffer in silence.’

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‘A vital service. I have been through d.v with an ex-partner and found support through your website. Thank you’

Broken Rainbow is extremely grateful for your support and we will continue to work for a society where LGBT victims of domestic violence and abuse have access to the services they need, free of any prejudice and homophobia.

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