So it’s Freshers Week and we asked our readers what they wished they had known before embarking on the emotional roller coaster FRESHERS WEEK can be.

Gay students
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1) Come out and get it over with right at the beginning – when I came out I expected thunder and lightening but no one acted surprised and were really supportive. – Grammie


2) Take a large bag so you can put all those freebees in. – Graham


3) Mature aged lesbians will change your life. Their wisdom knows no bounds – Andy


4) Get a Sugar Daddy I presume you already have an adoring older dude for a BF who will love you through this thing called undergrad?



5) The very first day I met the guy who would become my very first boyfriend. Literally within the first hour – I met the guy who would be my first kiss, take my virginity, show me what love felt like and eventually break my heart. It lasted 2 and half years – in a total whirlwind relationship that was all consuming. I was a complete clamp on. Although I don’t regret it, I wish perhaps that I had been a little more open with myself and with other around us – and perhaps let our relationship be a little more open. – Jake

6) Well, I think I knew how to be more gentle and aware of anyone around me. It was not too serious to be conscious all the time but some of them would have had noticed me if I had behaved different from them. – Neo Vi



7) Leave your door open when you’re unpacking. It’s a great way to check out the talent as they start bringing in their stuff. – Paul


8) Don’t fall for the straight cute guy. It will never work out.



9) Bring cakes… Cakes make friends – John



10)  Let the others know what you’re into – I put loads of musical theatre posters on my wall – it became quite the talking point. – Chris

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11) Get to know the popular girl in the dorm. She’ll be a hoot and she’ll stick up for you if you run into problems. – Sarah



12) Don’t forget about the gay scene. Don’t always go straight… Get your friends to go to the nearest gay bar! – Mike



13) Try not to have sex with the guys in your halls. It could get very awkward, very quickly. – Ben



14) Don’t forget the lube and condoms…


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15) Join the LGBT+ society and get involved with student politics.



16) Look out for LGBT subjects. If you can do a module on Queer history or studies, it’s really worth it.



17) You will get FRESHERS’ COUGH. Stock up with medicines… – Pat

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