This month we’ve been discussing Vices on TheGayUK and at the beginning of the month we invited readers to take a survey to reveal what the gay community vices were.

In our snapshot survey, porn topped the list of vices of gay men of the United Kingdom, with 42.4% of those polled owning up to viewing porn at least a few times a week (30%), watching it on a daily basis (28%), and over a quarter admitting to watching the bad boy stuff a few times a day.
Other vices topping the list were Drinking 34% Sex 32% and Smoking 19%.

Only 1.7% of people revealed that gambling was their vice.



In order (respondents could choose more than 1 vice):

Porn 42.4%


Drinking 33.9%

Sex 32.2%

Smoking 18.6%


Chocolate 16.9%

Working 15.3%

Drugs 11.9%


Shopping 11.9%

Fast Food 10.2%

Cruising 5.1%


Adultery 3.4%

shop dildos for gay sex

Gambling 1.7%
Just over half said that they would consider giving up their vice, with 50% of all respondents saying that their addiction wasn’t a problem for them.

Is the gay community actively looking for help or booking into the Priory any day soon – don’t bet on it, only 13.6% said that they had sought any kind of professional help in dealing with their vice or addiction.

59.3% of those questioned said that they had been addicted for over 10 years – and openly discussed their issues with their peers (66.1%)

If you need to talk to someone with anything that concerns you call the London Lesbian And Gay Switchboard on 0300 330 0630 or visit for more details.

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