George Takei has a warning for Donald Trump

2nd February 2017 0 By News Desk

Star Trek’s George Takei has a stark warning for Donald Trump if he signs an anti-LGBT discrimination order.

“My people protest HARD” is the war cry from George Takei this morning after it emerged that a leaked and unverified anti-LGBT executive order has surfaced. The EO would effectively end LGBT protections in the US as we know it. It could place religious beliefs over LGBT rights and equality. It’s an EO that would climb into almost every part of American gay, lesbian, bi and transgender people’s lives, from housing to the procurement of goods and even medical care.

The document, which has not been yet been verified, stirred George Takei into fighting talk. Taking to Twitter he said,

“If Trump signs that exec order authorizing LGBT discrimination in the name of religious freedom, he’ll regret it. My people protest HARD.”

The tweet has already been retweeted nearly 5000 times and has been liked 17,000 times.

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The White House issued a statement earlier this week to say that Donald Trump was “proud to have been the first ever GOP (Republican) nominee to mention the LGBTQ community in his nomination acceptance speech”, the statement also pledged to “protect the community from violence and oppression”.