The Google Play store is receiving online criticism for allowing a game to be sold that lets players hunt gays and kill them.

The game Ass Hunter is a very basic shooting game where the player clothed in green safari outfit and holding a shotgun, moves around the screen shooting ‘gays’ – depicted here as naked men with waving tackle!

You could be mistaken into thinking that the game is just another war game with men shooting other men, however, the developer’s almost comical homophobic description explains that you are indeed hunting gays here.


‘Play and do not be gay!’

‘Legendary game, where you are a hunter and your mission is to kill gays as much as you can.’

‘Gays may be hidden in bushes and unexpectedly catch you.’
‘Remember! When they catch you they will do with you whatever they want ;)’


The ‘whatever they want’ turns out to be a rape of the hunter of he loses a life. BarryDennen12 on YouTube has very kindly provided his walk through of the game.

Of course, not everyone thinks this game is legendary leaving one star reviews on Google Play Store.

‘Homophobic filth A disgusting piece of trash Google you should be ashamed to have even published this.’ – Fifi Anderson

shop dildos for gay sex

‘Abhorrent app This abhorrent app is disgusting. I too downloadabled so I could rate and report it. Google should remove this game immediately.’ – Ron Gowans-Savage

The Google Play store has now removed the game, and Google have been approached for comment on the game.

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