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UK’s government updates advice for LGBT travellers to Brunei

The UK government has updated its travel advice for its LGBT citizens planning to take a trip to Brunei following on from the introduction of the death penalty for homosexual acts.

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The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FOC) has updated its travel advice to LGBT+ people planning to travel to Brunei – after legislation recently changed in the nation, which affects LGBT+ people.

Brunei has now adopted a law which allows for the death penalty, death by stoning, to be used on men who are found having same-sex sexual relations with each other.

The UK Government’s advice warns travellers, “Homosexual activity is illegal” and warns travellers to “find out about the local laws and customs of the country and area you’re visiting.


“In some countries, homosexuality and/or homosexual relations are illegal and can be subject to severe penalties”.

The office also suggest, “invest in a good guide book – many specialise in advice to LGBT travellers”


Not all laws or punishments will affect non-Muslims in the region.

The adoption of sharia-based laws in the Muslim majority country means that Muslims found guilty of engaging in gay sex will be stoned to death, those who are not Muslim may receive lengthy prison sentences. The law also means that anyone found guilty of committing adultery or trying to denounce Islam or insulting the Prophet Muhammad will also be dealt with the death penalty.

Those found guilty of theft will have their hands amputated. Not all laws or punishments will affect non-Muslims in the region.

Homosexuality is already illegal in Brunei and is one of 35 of 53 nations of the Commonwealth in which homosexuality is illegal. It is the second of those nations to make the “crime” punishable by death.




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