The holidays often bring new fragrances into our lives as our Christmas stockings are filled with last minute present ideas in the form of aftershaves and EDTs, tasked with finding my favourites I’ve scoured the scene for good smelling men. Here are my findings.

‘Higher’ by Dior, It’s a classic fragrance, designed for the ‘modern urban man’. It smells cool and energetic with notes of pear, citrus and spice. ££59 100ml



Emporio Armani ‘Diamonds For Men’ Eau De Toilette. I just love this smell. Masculine, sexy and slightly smoky. This is always a request on my Christmas list. £48.60 75ml



Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’ – no Top 10 aftershave list could be complete without this perennial of the fragrance world. There is hardly a gay man who hasn’t worn this aroma at some point in his life – plus the bottle makes me want to be a better man. £49.50 125ml


‘Cool Water’ by Davidoff – again another aftershave that has stood the test of time and is revered by many. Cool Water – also had those amazing television ads, which may have caused me some stirrings. £49.50 125ml



‘Declaration’ by Cartier. If you can’t have jewellery by Cartier this Christmas then push for this gorgeous woody scent. Plus the bottle is pretty beautiful. £70 100ml



‘Prada for Men’ by Prada, a real grown up scent for the man about town. If you want to smack of money, but not actually of money, then Prada For Men is the fragrance for you. Distinctive and reacts well to body heat. £52.20 100ml


Emporio Armani ‘He’. I love this smell. It feels every bit as classic as Chanel No. 5 is for women. It strong, long lasting and perfect for evening wear. £51.30 100ml



Comme Des Garcons ‘MAN’. The name itself put this fragrance on our Top 10. Uniquely packaged, with a woody, musky scent. £64 100ml

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Acqua De Parma, ‘Mirto di Panarea’ Eau De Toilette, a fragrance that is divine and suspended in time. Floral and fruity. Distinctive as it is lingering. £70 150ml


‘Eau Du Verdon’, by L’Occitane. I discovered this amazing fragrance almost by accident this year – and have been lusting after a bottle since using the shaving cream. It’s fresh, sporty and herby. A definite daytime fragrance – you have to hold me back when I smell it. £29 50ml

About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.