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Guys… there are now VEGAN CONDOMS

Jokes about veganism are very distasteful.

Personally, this excites me… as I am a vegetarian.


Yep, there are now vegan condoms. So now, if you’re of a veggie persuasion you’ll be protected should you wish you slap some vegan goodness on your meat (sorry) and confine your man mayo (sorry) to the tip of a rubber johnny.

The condoms have been created by Swiss entrepreneur and chemical engineer Gabrielle Lods who said,


“In 2017, everyone should know the components and how everything they consume is produced.

Awareness is rising for certain product categories such as food or cosmetics. For others, it takes longer, but eventually it will also happen.”

So what do we know about these condoms – well they are gluten free, have no casein, are paraben free and well, vegan. Apparently, they have no taste or smell and are CE certified.

So the next time you’re looking for a condom for your salami (sorry) then try the Green Condom Club




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