Haaz Sleiman might have just come out as gay officially, but it didn’t stop him from taking a swipe at a journalist who worked at an LGBT magazine for asking about his sexuality back in 2009.

Nurse Jackie actor, Haaz Sleiman blasted an Advocate journalist for asking about his sexuality back in 2009 when he was doing promo for Nurse Jackie. Although he recently came out as gay – he didn’t always identify as such – or want to talk openly about his sexuality and agreed to talk to the mag, with the condition of “no personal questions”.

The journo, however, either because he didn’t get the memo or just disrespected the actor’s wishes, asked anyway – leading the 41-year-old to accuse the hack of asking the question “on purpose”.

Haaz slammed the reporter in question saying,

“The advocate wanted to interview me.

“I told Showtime only on one condition, no personal questions.

The advocate agreed. At the end of the half hour interview over the phone the idiot interviewer, whom I think was gay (?), asked me if was gay or straight (no personal questions)… I was so shocked. I froze. My body started shaking. And then I lied and said I was straight. Shame on gay people who are not kind to other gay people. He did that on purpose. ?”


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The Advocate is one of America’s oldest LGBT Magazines. It was founded in 1967. It was bought by the company now known as Here Media in 2008.

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In their interview with him, which is credited to Brandon Voss,  it is written up as:

Ever since you were cast as Mo-Mo, there have been discussions in the blogosphere about your own sexuality. Have you found that people now seem more interested in whether or not you’re gay in real life?
I don’t really read blogs, so I don’t know what’s being said. That’s never come up, but it’s not something that would bother me if it did. It’s all about doing good work, and the stuff that comes with it afterward, it is all fun.

But for the sake of satisfying curiosity once and for all, you’re straight, right?

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