Have Colton Haynes and Jeff Latham split?

Dramz over at the Haynes/Latham house

Have Colton Haynes and Jeff Latham split?
Have Colton Haynes and Jeff Latham split?


First, there was the deleting of photos, then the rumour of a split, then the words cheating were circulated. There was a song written and “cheating drama” and then a denial – just what is happening to the newly-wed couple?

According to Arrow actor, Colton himself, Jeff didn’t cheat – the song “Man It Sucks”, that he wrote and posted online, although referred a cheating partner wasn’t about his husband and actually about a “past relationship”. He also told his fans that Jeff was “an amazing man and that “he’d never cheat”.

But Colton has dropped the word “husband” from his Instagram profile late last week and deleted the hyphenated married name, “Haynes-Leatham.”

However, pictures from their marriage still remain on Jeff’s profile.


So what gives?

The couple were only married in October last year and Colton then described the marriage as a dream come true.

Well whatever happened guys we hope you can patch it up and feel better…