No neither had we until listening to the Demystifying Gay Porn podcast.

On a recent episode of the Demystifying Gay Porn podcast with I.Que Grande, fetish porn star HungerFF said that rather than starring in fisting porn, it could be more described as “arming” when questioned what he meant by that, he joked, “Anatomically or genetically or for some reason my insides allow me to take an entire arm in my butt…”

Arming just takes it a step (or staircase further)

When asked to describe what fisting was, HungerFF, who has created his own JustForFans empire, replied, “The insertion of someone’s hand into someone’s butthole or vag (vagina)”

I.Que probed, “but what you do is extreme fisting”, to which HungerFF replied, that extreme fisting was beyond just the hand or wrist adding that it’s, “punch fucking or arm fucking”.

Have you ever tried fisting?

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HungerFF went on to explain, “Most guys if they can take a fist, they can take it up to the wrist… and then there are people like me, who take it a step or an entire stair further than that”.

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