Smile or not to smile?

Practice smiling in the mirror. You don’t want to come off creepy looking, but you do want to give the impression that you’re approachable and friendly (you are aren’t you?) Find your best smile and snap! We all love confident guys and smiling is the perfect way to show you’re an assured guy.

What makes a good dating picture?

Your face

Guys who have profile pictures that feature their faces are going to get a lot more attention, so make sure you feature yours. People can engage with you better when they know what you look like.

Colour or Black and White?

It’s totally up to you. We love an arty black and white, but we also love full colour. Just as long as it reflects your true self then why not.

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Bathroom selfie?

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Sure why not, it’s become pretty standard to take a picture in the bathroom mirror – just make sure you clean your bathroom and flush the toilet before you snap.

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