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This gay retro colouring in book is to DIE FOR

This retro 1964 colouring book is slightly amazing.

The Gay Coloring Book

In it, you’re invited to colour in scenes of a bathhouse orgy, a park cruising scene and the jolliest birthday party you’ve ever witnessed. Welcome to The Gay Coloring Book.


The flamboyant book, of which there are several in the series, were first published in 1964, cost $2.00 and contained 32 pages for your colouring in delight.

Back in the 60s you could mail order, My Trip Around The World described as a new devilishly witty where Danny, our hero gets to meet 35 of the “world’s most attractive men”.

Find more images over at HoustonLGBTHistory.org


H/T UnicornBooty.com

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