HOTEL REVIEW | VidaMar Resort Madeira

★★★★★ | VidaMar Resort Madeira

Get yourself onto a sun-lounger, because the VidaMar Resort in Madeira is a sun seeker’s dream. This exclusive resort features a large sea platform and direct ocean access, and is surrounded by gardens with tropical plants and palm trees to shade you while you take breakfast on the veranda.

The hotel has a contemporary style with elegant décor throughout and spacious modern rooms with balconies overlooking the ocean and panoramic views over the bay of Funchal.

The Location

VidaMar Resort Hotel is nestled in the heart of Funchal, and is surrounded by several other high end resorts. However, the area doesn’t come across as crowded or touristy. I mean it is touristy, but feels more relaxed and welcoming than anything else.

Located right on the ocean, VidaMar is idyllic for sunbathers, swimmers, or those that want to stroll along the seaside. The Lido Promenade is a walking trail that stretches along the coastline, giving you easy access to restaurants, cafés, and leisure areas such as parks and public swimming pools.

The Room

I don’t know about you, but when I get into a hotel room I like to sprawl. I’m talking clothes on every surface and shoes all over the place. It makes a hotel room feel like home. With a separate lounge area, I could scatter my crap to my heart’s content and still have room to swan around without tripping over my things. The spacious Ocean View Room I was staying in included a king-size bed, sofa, dining table, Plasma TV and free Wi Fi.

Image source: VidaMar Resorts

I love a room with a view, and the VidaMar Resort totally delivered, with full-length French windows opening up to your own private balcony that overlooks the gardens, pool, and that piercing blue ocean. As an early-riser, it was a rare treat to sit out on the balcony with a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise over the ocean.

Image source: VidaMar Resorts


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The Gay Scene

Sorry guys, there isn’t really much of a gay scene. However, switch on your Grindr and you’ll find locals and other tourists all within reach. The island is fairly small and the collection of resorts means you’ll find plenty of other travellers just a few scant metres away.

Our Verdict

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The big selling point of the VidaMar has to be its swimming pools and sun lounge area, which, even in the middle of summer, was never crowded. There were always plenty of spots, and NO CHILDREN! Even those that are of the ginger persuasion (myself included) can enjoy a gloriously relaxing escape to the sun here. I can’t wait to go back.

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