What is Boris Johnson's gay rights voting record like?

Just how gay-friendly in the voting booth is the Conservative leader Boris Johnson?

We looked into Boris Johnson‘s voting record on gay issues to see how LGBT friendly he is.

Since entering the House of Commons as an MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in 2001, Boris Johnson has voted in a mixed way for gay rights.

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Since 2001 and in the time in which Johnson has been an MP there have been 16 votes in which he was eligible to vote. Of that 16, he voted positively in three, negatively in 1 (an amendment of the Adoption and Children Bill — [2nd Allotted Day] — Applications for adoption) and was absent from a huge 11 votes.

One vote was for an impact report on the repeal of the hugely damaging Section 28.

What gay rights did Boris Johnson vote against, or was absent for?

He was absent for

2001: Relationships (Civil Registration)

2002: Adoption and Children Bill — Suitability Of Adopters

2004: Gender Recognition Bill — Allow Marriages to Remain Valid If They Become a Same-Sex Marriage

2007: Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations

2007: Categories of civil partners other than same-sex couples

2019: Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill — New Clause 1 — Marriage of Same-Sex Couples

2019: Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill — Lords Amendments — Abortion — Marriage and Civil Partnerships — Transparency etc.

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Was Boris Johnson Pro on Civil Partnerships?

However, Johnson voted pro on civil partnerships in 2004 and voted to repeal Section 28 in 2003.

Boris Johnson was not an MP during the time of the same-sex marriage vote – so we have no data on what his choice for that vote may have been in 2013.

This article has been updated to include the negative vote and a vote which was on an impact report.

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