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ANALYSIS | How has Jo Swinson voted on gay and LGBT+ rights

Just how gay-friendly is the Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson?

We looked into Jo Swinson‘s voting record on gay issues to see how LGBT friendly she is.

Since entering the House of Commons as an MP for East Dunbartonshire in 2005, Jo Swinson has consistently voted pro-LGBT+ in laws relating to equality.


During her time as an MP, she has voted positively for marriage between same-sex couples.

Overall Jo has voted on 9 issues relating to the LGBT community. On every major piece of legislation, Jo Swinson voted in favour or positively for equality. 

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However, in 2014 she was absent for three votes, specifically, “Same Sex Marriage — Enabling Courts to Deal with Divorce or Annulment Proceedings“, “Make Same Sex Marriage Available to Armed Forces Personnel Outside the United Kingdom” and “Amendments to Acts of Parliament in Light of the Introduction of Same Sex Marriage in Parts of the UK”.

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