How the LGBT community is planning to vote on the EU Referendum

Over the past couple of months THEGAYUK has conducted a number of flash polls to see what way readers were tending to skew for the EU Referendum.


Referendum day is upon us and up and down the United Kingdom today millions of people will be casting their votes to secure Britain’s future in or out of the European Union.

Over the past months we’ve polled our readers in a series of flash polls to get a feeling about how people are planning to vote today.

Here are our findings:

Polling date: 23rd March

How are you likely to vote on EU?

25% Vote Leave

61% Vote Stay

14% Undecided


Polling date: 24th April

Better In Or Out of The EU?

82% Better In

18% Better out


Polling date: 22nd June

With the EU vote looming are you decided on which way you’ll vote?

56% Remain

32% Leave

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10% Still undecided


Live poll:


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