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How to deal with an erection during a massage

Apparently, it happens all the time… No need to freak out

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Involuntary erections during professional massages happen all the time apparently – according to Spencer from HM Massage on YouTube, before adding some tips on how to “handle it”.

Firstly, Stop Freaking Out.

It happens. Both the massage therapist and the client need to calm down. An erection is a natural body function and the more attention you give it, the longer it will take for the boner to go away.

It could also be a nervous reaction, especially if guys have never had a professional massage before. Spencer adds, “the more you think about it, the longer it’s going to stay, as opposed to letting your mind go and not thinking about it, and naturally it’s going to fade away”.


Don’t make a big deal about it

For therapists, Spencer suggests, “if your client pitches a tent on the massage table, don’t stare at it, don’t make a huge deal about it – even if it is a huge dealing…” Therapists should focus solely on the massage and distract themselves from it, “you don’t have to be focused on it”.

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Parasympathetic Nervous System stimulation.

Apparently 99 percent of the time an erection happens because your parasympathetic nervous system is being stimulated. That means the rubbing of your skin, the touching of your body in a relaxed state and when senses are heightened could cause a raging bone. Spencer adds “while massage is not sexually intimate, massage can be a very intimate experience between therapist and client”.

Don’t act on it.

Whatever you do, don’t try and get your masseur to touch your dick – and or interact with it in any way. Remember it’s their workplace and they are there to do a job – massage your body – not your penis. “If you take things to a physical level, that’s not okay, the therapist has every right to end that session right there and kick you out,” Spencer warns.

To therapists, Spencer recommends you give a first warning and if the client continues to act inappropriately to end the massage and leave the room.

The good news is the more clients have massages the more they get used to the feelings and the likelihood of getting a hard-on becomes less and less.


So if you pitch a tent while have a body massage. Relax, take your mind off it and don’t act on it.

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