If you’re wondering who has blocked you on Grindr, there’s now a simple way of checking out.

You’ll need to do these steps in an Internet browser. There is no way to do this inside the app.

  1. Firstly you need your login Email and your password, there will be a chance to change your password if you’ve forgotten it.
  2. Log on to https://blocked.ongrindr.com/.
  3. Enter the email address you signed up to Grindr with and then enter your password.
  4. If you need to change your password there’s an option to update.
  5. Once logged in you’ll be able to see who has blocked you.
This is what the Blocked On Grindr front page looks like

If you’re concerned about data,  Trever Faden who created the website gives these reassurances,

“Luckily, someone finding out that you blocked them on Grindr isn’t a huge security vulnerability, as much as it is an awkward conversation waiting to happen. That said, when you block someone on Grindr, you do assume that information will stay somewhat private.

“Sometimes that is unfortunately just an assumption, as we’ve seen with data breaches in the past at companies like Ashley Madison.

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“All of this data is safe, until it’s not, which, in my opinion, just means that if you really want to keep a secret–don’t send it through the internet.”

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