Listeners in the UK can tune into Radio 2 this Sunday to hear a brand new track from the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey.

The single, and title track from her next album “I Owe It All To You” was written by Don Black, who famously wrote another of Shirley’s mega smashes, “Diamonds Are Forever”.

Don Black will be playing the song on his very last show on Radio 2, at 11 PM.

Could this be the last ever studio album from Shirley Bassey?

It is assumed that this album will be Dame Shirley‘s, now 83, grand finale and one of her greatest pieces of work. As the title of the album would suggest, it’s a gift made with love for her fans to celebrate a lifetime of their support. 

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Speaking about the song, Don said, “I’ve had the phrase ‘I Owe It All To You’ floating around my head for some time. As soon as I heard that Shirley was making her final record a light came on!  I then wrote it with her in mind knowing that she doesn’t just sing songs she lives them. She is a songwriter’s dream and one of the best story tellers of all time. The lyric tells of the contentment that can be found on stage and the uncertainty that comes when the curtain comes down.

Dame Shirley added, “Don has a gift of writing beautiful songs. This track feels instantly classic and the lyrics mirror exactly how I am feeling. It’s as if Don found a way into my mind! “I owe it all to you, you were always there; making my dreams take flight”. This song is for my fans”