Andrew Martyn

Free falling, mountain climbing, frozen lake diving, getting arrested at airports and Eurovision… We introduce Martyn Andrews – RT’s intrepid, roving reporter.


This month’s cover star is Martyn Andrews a Liverpool born former musical theatre star turned roving reporter for Russia’s news channel RT.

To celebrate RT‘s 10th anniversary, we chat to Martyn about life as it is, on the ground for the LGBT community from his first hand experience – having lived there for nearly 9 years.

“I have a lot to say about Russia and the LGBT scene. Especially because it doesn’t come from RT telling me what to say. It doesn’t come from me reading a book. It comes from me being an out gay man living in Russia for eight years, ten months. All of it is from personal experience.

“Also, it doesn’t come from me living in this celebrity bubble, or me living a five star expat lifestyle.

“When it comes to gay lifestyle in Russia, first of all, the rule was absolutely stupid. The law was wrong.”

Andrew Martyn
CREDIT: Monty McKinnen for THEGAYUK


So can a gay man be out in Russia? Martyn takes a beat and answers,

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“I think that is… It’s a little bit don’t ask, don’t tell. That is the contradictions of Russian society. I can honestly say that I have no negative experience in almost nine years. I wasn’t attacked. No homophobia at work. I didn’t see any attacks in any gay clubs. I actually made this statement, I always say this, I actually think that Moscow is safer than London.”


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Martyn wears: Tailored Suit: Fielding & Nicholson |  Shoes: Sons Of LondonBracelet & Watch: Storm

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