Make up sex after a break can be an extraordinary experience, it’s new but it’s old.

If you’ve ever gotten back with an ex – these are things you’ll know!


Everything’s new again

CREDIT: © oneinchpunch Depositphotos
CREDIT: © oneinchpunch Depositphotos

All glowy and special… It’s that smile.


The butterflies

If you really loved your ex – you’ll probably have butterflies. Incredibly bouncy, topsy turvy butterflies.


Your friends groan.

They’re like WTF child. Didn’t we already do this. Night after night of your break up chat – we’re done!


But this time is different.

They don’t know him like you do…




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Like riding a bicycle.

As you start to strip, you’re like ‘I know what this present is… and I like it.’


Is it in his kiss?

Oh you’ve missed that kiss. In the sea other men that you’ve been dating since the breakup, this kiss is the best one…


I will bottom you so hard.

One the greatest things about getting back with an ex is that you don’t have to have that clunky conversation about your preferred role – you already know! Crack on


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Different day, same routine…

Then something, something that really bugs you rears its ugly head and then you realise why you broke up in the first place.


Nothing changes but you.

Unfortunately 9 times out ten the reasons why you broke up will have remained – and you’ll never change your partner – the only thing you can change is you. You are stronger than that!


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