He's the world famous ice skater, along with Jane Torvill, but is he married, single, gay, bi or straight?

He’s the world famous ice skater, along with Jayne Torvill, but is he married, single, gay, bi or straight?

Is Christopher Dean gay, how old is Christopher Dean,

Christopher Dean is currently starring in Dancing On Ice along with his skating partner Jayne Torvill, Ashley Banjo and Jason Gardiner, but is he married and who to?

Is Christopher Dean gay or straight?

Of course in 2019 does someone’s sexuality really matter? But it appears as though Christopher identifies as heterosexual as he’s previously been in two marriages with members of the opposite sex. He was previously married to a French-Canadian woman called Isabelle Duchesnay until they divorced in 1993. He then married another woman called Jill Trenary, an American skater in 1994, until they separated in 2010 amid rumours that Christopher had begun a new relationship with then Dancing On Ice judge, Karen Barber. Christopher and Jill have two sons together, Jack and Sam, who are based in the USA.

Christopher has never spoken about his sexuality, therefore we can’t be completely certain about the star’s sexuality as he’s remained quite private about his love life.

Is Christopher Dean married to Jane Torvill?

Nope, the couple are great friends but are not together. They were reunited in 2006 when they were asked to take part in the show Dancing On Ice, before serving as the show’s creative directors in the following year.

Where was Christopher Dean born and what year?

Christopher was born in July 1958, which makes him 60-years-old in 2019. He was born in Nottinghamshire in the town of Caverton.

How much is Christopher Dean worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth Christopher is worth $7 million (£5.4 million). He’s made his money from the Dancing On Ice show, sponsorships and publicity deals. Recently there was a biopic movie made about the world-famous skating pair called, Torvill And Dean, which aired in the UK on Christmas day 2018.

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Before hitting the big time with skating, Christopher Dean was actually a policeman!

How tall is Christopher Dean?

Christopher is around 5 foot 9 inches, or 1.77 metres tall.

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