Who is Jayne Torvill and is she married?

Jayne Torvill is probably most famous for being an Olympic gold medalist in skating with Christopher Dean but also for appearing on Dancing On Ice.

Nottingham-born Jayne Torvill is famous for being an Olympic gold medalist skater along with her partner, Chris Dean. In 1984, 24 million Brits tuned in to watch Jayne and Christopher dance to Boléro in the 1984 Olympics, making them instance household names. Since 2006 she has also served as a creative director on the ITV reality show, Dancing On Ice. She also appears alongside Ashley Banjo and Jason Gardiner.

Is Jayne Torvill lesbian or bisexual?

No, Jayne doesn’t identify as gay or lesbian. She has been married to a person of the opposite sex since 1990. Together they adopted two children, who are both now teenagers.

Is Jayne Torvill married?

Yes, Jayne is married. she married an American sound engineer called Phil Christensen in 1990. Together they have two adopted children, both who are now teenagers, Kieran and Jessica.

What is Jayne Torvill’s net worth?

Like Christopher Dean, Jayne came from humble beginnings but has amassed a huge fortune thanks to lucrative TV contracts and sponsorships. The Express reports that Jayne is worth £2.2 million -and they say that her net worth is thought to be similar to that of Chris’s however other sources report that his net worth maybe closer to £5.4 million.

Who is older Torvill or Dean?

Jayne is older by nine months. She was born in October 1957 while Chris was born in 1958 in July. This makes them 61 and 60 respectively in 2019.

Is Jayne Torvill married to Christopher Dean?

Nope, the couple are great friends but are not together. They were reunited in 2006 when they were asked to take part in the show Dancing On Ice, before serving as the show’s creative directors in the following year.

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How tall is Jayne Torvill?

Jayne is 1.59 metres tall. Or 5 foot and 2.5 inches, which puts her at just below average height for a woman.


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