Is Daniel Doheny, star of Alex Strangelove actually gay?

Daniel Doheny is the star of Netflix’s brand new gay film, Alex Strangelove, and people want to know if he’s actually gay in real life.

Is Daniel Doheny, star of Alex Strangelove actually gay?

Daniel Doheny, star of the brand new Netflix film, Alex Strangelove is a relative newbie in showbiz. Before Alex Strangelove, he had only appeared in a handful of short films and an episode of CW’s Supernatural. Since the the Netflix’s film release the star has performed on stage in The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime in Vancouver.

Is Daniel Doheny gay?

Often when an actor plays a gay part, there’s a certain amount of questioning around that actor’s sexuality. However, Daniel has never spoken openly about his sexuality. Actually very little is known about the actor’s private life. He did, however, speak about his time in high school and dating, revealing, “I had enough on my plate in high school just trying to figure out how to date the people I wanted to date and not being able to. It’s such a mess. It’s a muddy, confusing, emotional time, I wanted to have sex as much as possible but I couldn’t get anybody to do it with me”.

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The article does allude to Daniel identifying as a “straight kid”.

Is Daniel Doheny gay?
Daniel in the new Netflix film, Alex Strangelove

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