London is failing gay singles according to an industry expert who says that the UK’s capital is not providing gay men the right opportunities to meet long-term partners.

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If you’re looking to find a long-term partner you’re more likely to find him brunching in New York and not in London, so says matchmaking expert Jacqueline Burns at the Vida Consultancy.


The award-winning consultant blames the lack of social spaces for gay people and London’s “hedonistic” drinking culture.


She told THEGAYUK,

“There aren’t enough places where gay men can socialise, and those that do exist, either in Soho, Vauxhall or Clapham can be quite hedonistic and are mainly party areas.”



She also warns that nighttime prowling could be damaging to your chances of finding love in London.

“The majority out and about are younger men, looking for fun, and they may still be in the early stages of exploring their sexuality. Trying to meet someone after 8pm is not the ideal environment to be your true self and meet someone whose values reflect your own.


Booze Cruise?

According to the expert, New York’s dating scene is more “day focused” with an active brunch scene, weekend trips to the Hampton’s or boat trips to Statue of Liberty. London on the other hand has a Saturday night focus which revolves around boozing.


Burns also warned that as well as problems with drugs and promiscuity in most gay clubs in London, it is increasingly unsafe for gay men.

Recent studies show that around 9000 men are raped each year in the UK, that’s 12% of the national total reported, whilst in London, 307 men reported being raped to the Met Police, a 120% increase over 2012 figures. These figures may be much higher as sexual crime has a notoriously low levels of reporting, even more so among men.

She continued,

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“While the Tinder revolution means there is now an endless choice of sexual partners, many gay men are actually looking for marriage and children and London’s hedonistic and fragmented social scene is not conducive to this.”

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