Is Priscilla Queen Of The Desert based on a true story?

Is Priscilla Queen Of The Desert based on a true story?

The Adventures Priscilla Queen Of The Desert is one of the most enduring of gay movies and has turned into a cult classic.

The film was released back in 1994 when times were less accepting and there’s no doubt that Priscilla and its cast have played a part towards LGBT+ acceptance in its home country, Austraila, but also more broadly across the globe.

The film follows two drag queens and a trans woman who travel to the centre of Australia to play their show in a casino resort. Along the way, they encounter some interesting and dangerous people.

Is the story based on a real-life story?

Sadly, although it would make for a brilliant real-life story, The Adventures Priscilla Queen Of The Desert is a work of fiction. Although much of the film’s subtext: intolerance, homophobia and transphobia are very much facets of LGBT+ life.


The film was written and directed by openly gay director and screenwriter Stephan Elliot. Stephan only came out as gay in 2012, nearly two decades after Priscilla was originally released.