Forget “gay cakes”… We’ve found our new favourite kind of cake.


In a week full of cake news, including “gay cakes” and Bake Off ending, those naughty minxes over at Carvaka have been busy in the kitchen baking away like sexy elves and they’ve come up with a rather impressive looking product.


With no less than 14 sex toys, this one cake that will definitely leave you feeling full!

General Manager at Carvaka, Elizabeth Morris says,

shop dildos for gay sex

“At Carvaka, we’re all great fans of the Bake Off and last week in jest I said ‘I wish we could bake a showstopper for Carvaka!’ One thing kind of lead to another and voilá we now have what we think is a pretty decent showstopper!”

We do wonder what certain religious bakers would think about this cake being ordered.

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