Ahhh! So sweet, Jakub and Dawid, the internet sensations from Poland have got married in a stunning cliff side wedding in Madeira.

CREDIT: Magdalena Sobieska

Despite the criticism and homophobic they have faced in their homeland, Polish couple Jakub and Dawid have finally tied the knot, although not in their own country because Poland does not yet have same-sex marriage.

In a statement the couple said,

“It’s sad that we cannot get married in Poland but we are aware that’s not gonna be changed anytime soon in our country, so decided to have it abroad.

“I wish our grandmothers and grandfathers were with us but the journey would have been too exhausting them so we really missed them. If we were allowed to have this ceremony in Poland they would have been allowed to share these moments with us”.

CREDIT: Magdalena Sobieska

The couple invited 20 members of their family and friends including Dawid’s mum, two brothers and Jakub’s sister according to guests at the wedding the couple’s “dreams finally came true”.


Congrats guys!!!