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X Factor star Janet Devlin has hit out at cyber bullies including Lord Sugar for “mean tweets”.

Teaming up with anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label to tackle bullying, Janet Devlin has revealed that she still gets trolled on social media. When asked which she thought was worst, cyber or real life bullying, she told THEGAYUK, whilst promoting her new EP December Daze that potentially Internet bullying could cause more harm.

She said,
“If you get hurt physically it’s easier to brush off because you know bruises fade, but Internet bullying is a totally different kettle of fish.
“People think, ‘oh you’ve been bullied online why don’t you just shut off your computer, why don’t you just step away from the Internet’, but no, that doesn’t work that way, what people say to you works its way into your head.”

Janet Devlin was most notably trolled by Apprentice boss, Lord Sugar during her time on the X FACTOR in 2011.

She said,
“I even had mean tweets coming in from bloody Alan Sugar – or Lord Sugar,
“what does that show – money can’t buy happiness if you’re giving abuse to a 16-year-old girl on the Internet – why would you do it – you know?”


Read Janet Devlin’s full interview in Issue 17 of THEGAYUK.
If you are affected by issues raised in this article you can reach out to Ditch The Label or Switchboard by calling: 0300 330 0630.


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