This week one reader is concerned about being unclean during sex.

This week one reader is concerned about being unclean during sex.

 I Am Thinking About Bottoming For The First Time... How I Can I Be Clean?

Dear Jose

I’m thinking about bottoming for the first time and I’m a little worried about being “dirty” down there during sex. I’ve heard about certain things you can do to make sure you’re clean and that there’s no sh*t when you’re having sex?
Is there anything I can do that’s safe?

Thank you for your advice

Tom, 25 Huddersfield

Dear Tom,
Hi there it depends what you mean by dirty. Obviously proper preparation prior to undertaking sexual activity such as anal sex reduces the chances of embarrassing things occurring such as “sh*t dick”.

This can be accomplished by proper douche technique or commercially available enemas.

From a sexual health point of view, any sexual act is broadly safe so long as you or your partners do not have any STIs, id you do have any underlying STIs then get them treated.

The best way to protect against these is to use condoms and to get regularly tested for STIs, at least every 3 months, this testing is available free at NHS sexual health clinics and some Terrence Higgins Trust offices. I would also recommend using condoms with a good water-based lubricant, again these are available free form Terrence Higgins Trust.

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Advice by: Jose Perez de la Cruz, BPubHtlth,
Public Health Practitioner


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About the author: Jose Perez de la Cruz
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