Ermm… Ouch.


So Jedward thinks that both James Jordan and Austin Armacost are nobodies. During a conversation with Heidi and Spencer (Speidi), the Irish duo said that the previous night, in which Austin lashed out at both James J and Stacy, was “mental” and called the pair the “biggest attention seekers”.

Jedward entered the house just a few days ago but were allowed to nominate. They chose Austin and Jasmine Waltz as their choice for nomination this week.

During the argument between Austin and James J, the professional dancer called the American hunk, Austin a “c**t” after he lashed out at Stacy Francis by saying that he didn’t “particularly” like her.


Speaking to Speidi, Jedward said,

“Last night was mental…it’s like the two biggest nobodies are the biggest attention seekers.”

Ouch boys… Ouch.

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