7 things you probably didn’t know about Jedward

The ever bubbly Jedward have been making headlines since their discovery on X Factor in 2009… But what do we know about the twins?

Who are Jedward
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Are the Jedward brothers gay?

In 2011 brothers Edward and John insisted that they weren’t gay and they are attracted to women. They hit out over speculation that their OTT and flamboyant performance style made some fans think the duo were gay. The brothers maintain that they “like lots of girls” revealing that they don’t care what people think about them or about their sexuality.


What is Jedward’s net worth?

The brothers had a combined net worth reported to be €6 million in 2013. Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly how much they’re worth. In 2016 it was reported that their company Planet Jedward was in debt to the tune of hundreds of thousands of euros. It has been suggested that they are the fifth most financially successful X Factor finalists after Leona Lewis, Little Mix, JLS and Alexandra Burke,


Did they fall out with Louis Walsh?

Did Jedward fall out with Louis Walsh
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Louis has stated that he considers Jedward his most embarrassing career move. Speaking to Woman’s Own the music manager said the twins who appeared in 2009’s series of X FACTOR were his most embarrassing career move, despite championing them and praising them highly on the show. They came sixth on the show and have had a relatively successful career. They’ve released three albums and even represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. They hit back saying, “We are always striving forward, he’ll be in the old people’s home soon so it’s all good.”  OUCH!


Where did Jedward place in Eurovision

Jedward represented Ireland in the 2011 and 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, with the songs “Lipstick” and “Waterline”. It has to be said that “Lipstick” was pretty darn catchy. They placed 8th in 2011, compared to the UK’s entry by Blue which came 11th. In 2012 the boys came 19th with just 46 points.


How old are Jedward?

The twins were born in 1991 in October which makes them in their mid-twenties. They were born in Dublin.


How can you tell Edward and John apart?

So this a big cause of debate among their fans, however, it seems as though John has a rounder face and scar on the left side of his nose he has overlapping front teeth. Edward apparently smiles with his eyes and has a scar on his lip and is slightly taller than his brother. They released a video to help viewers work out the differences.


What did Simon Cowell think about Jedward

what did SImon Cowell think about Jedward
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Simon branded the twins “not very good and incredibly annoying” and they divided the viewers at home too. They appeared in the same series as Danyl Johnson.



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The news team for THEGAYUK. Got tips? Go to www.thegayuk.com/newsdesk to tell us something.