The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn seems to think that gay people “chose” their sexuality after he made a speech at LGBT History Month event.

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Opps. Jeremy Corbyn seems to think that the LGBT community has chosen its sexuality in a gaffe at the launch of LGBT History Month.

During his launch speech, he said,

“We’re with you, we’re in solidarity with you,’ he said. ‘Your triumphs are our triumphs.

“Our defence of you is a defence of all of humanity and the right of people to practise the life they want to practise, rather than be criminalised, brutalised and murdered, simply because they chose to be gay, they chose to be lesbian, they were LGBT in any form.”



You can watch the video over at PINKNEWS Facebook.

The video was shot by PinkNews who shared the video via their Facebook page.  According to The Sun, the CEO of PinkNews, Benjamin Cohen said the remarks “were being taken out of context”.


A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said to PinkNews,

“Jeremy clearly doesn’t believe that being gay is a choice.

“Jeremy obviously meant people should be able to choose how they live their lives.”

“Obviously” seems to be a strange word in this context… because obviously, the video evidence seems to suggest something else.

People on social media were quick to condem his choice of words, with one saying that his words had “crumbled” her heart.



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