The UK’s entrants to Eurovision, Joe And Jake have said that they could snog at the end of their performance.

CREDIT: Anna Velikova
CREDIT: Anna Velikova

The duo, who insist that they are just friends, haven’t ruled out kissing each other at the end of their performance on Eurovision, with Joe saying,  “if needs must. Let’s not take anything off the table here”

Speaking to The Sun Online the cheeky pair said that their fans had asked them to kiss at the end of their song.

Although they called the request from fans “bizarre” they haven’t ruled it out.

Joe added,“I don’t think they realise that we’re just mates, but we’re listening to everything they’re saying.”

The You’re Not Alone singers met originally on The Voice – and are set to sing live in front of an audience of 200 million on Saturday night.

CREDIT: Anna Velikova
CREDIT: Anna Velikova



So are they boyfriends? Apparently not – and they aren’t looking for a relationship either.

Jake added,

“To be honest we don’t have time for a great deal. We don’t even have time to go home and see our parents, never mind a relationship.”

“We’re too focused on the music, aren’t we Joe? We’re too focused on getting a good result for the UK.”

The boys, it seems, have impressed the rest of Europe. After a rehearsal in Stockholm, bookies slashed their odds of placing last in the competition to actually coming in the top 10. The last the UK entry to come anywhere close to winning the competition was Jade Ewen with the Lloyd-Webber tune, It’s My Time.