Well done that lad, Joe McElderry – he’s a bit of winner him… And tonight he goes head to head Donal MacIntyre to be crowned the best Jumper (not knitted)

With two more celebrities pulling out because of injuries just former X Factor Winner Joe McElderry and investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre will complete in tonight’s final episode of The Jump on Channel 4.

Joe McElderry entered the competion last week after Henry Conway was eliminated because of an injury to his wrist.

Last night viewers watched as Anthea Turner and Ritchie Neville leave the competition. After failing to achieve a long enough Jump Turner said:

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‘It was my best jump, fabulous. I’m finishing it on a personal best. My highlight has got to be The Jump and facing all those fears.’

Tune into The Jump tonight at 9pm on Channel 4