Sam Barton, 22 plans to sue the NHS after a ‘botched’ nose job and plans to spend the money on a BMW.

A man who has been dubbed Britain’s vainest man has revealed that he plans to sue the NHS for an operation on his nose that he says they have ‘botched’ said the Daily Mail.

The man, who wants to look like TOWIE star Joey Essex, had the £5000 procedure on the NHS to straighten his nose, he said he has been very unhappy with the results and the negative feedback from his Twitter followers since the op.

He said, ‘When I initially had the operation done, I wasn’t really happy with the result. I thought it looked worse. But my family and friends told me it looked fine.

‘But all the negative comments about it do get me down sometimes. Although there are days when I just laugh them off.

‘It doesn’t look fitting to my face, and is uneven. It is too big and looks terrible.

‘The fact that people have made the comments has driven me to sue the NHS. It was pointless having the operation it’s a lot to go through for no reason.’

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Over the years Barton has reportedly spent over £30,000 on proceedures for the perfect face, including £20,000 for his teeth, £2,000 on botox and £2,500 on tanning. Many of the treatments have been paid for by credit cards.

He has said that he needs the cosmetic treatments to ‘combat the anxiety over his appearance that his ‘new-found fame’ has provoked,’ writes the DM.

‘Since I was in the newspapers people recognise and stare at me more and it makes me sweat a lot through anxiety.

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‘I have over 20,000 followers on Twitter and I do get trolled sometimes by some nasty individuals.

‘I am very self-conscious about my appearance and I have told the doctors that I need to have regular Botox treatment to keep up my appearance and to make me feel more confident and less self-conscious.’

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