Bravo bravo

John Lewis is on to winner here. We can feel it.


The famous high-street department store is selling these Aubergine bauble tree decorations and we’re dying.

The cheeky hanging (we’re not sure if it’s to the left or to right) decorations are currently being listed on the John Lewis website and are retailing at £8.

The aubergine has long been associated with a certain part of the male anatomy and has become a staple part of sexting on social media and hook up apps like Grindr.


However, it appears that the designers of the hanging decoration have either ignored this connection, completely ignorant of its day-to-day use – or are very very savvy people.

Apparently, it’s all part of John Lewis’s “Garden Retreat” decoration pack, which the website suggests “surrounding yourself in nature can ease the mind”.

Well quite.

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Alongside your Aubergine, you could hang their Corn, Asparagus or Avocado bauble…

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