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Mark Ronson rolls back on the Sapiosexual talk

The musician and producer Mark Ronson has apologised for sapiosexual revelation.

Speaking to the Rolling Stone, Mark Ronson said that he didn’t consider himself part of any “marginalised” community saying, “

“I do not consider myself part of any marginalised community and I apologise if anybody misunderstood or took offence to it”.


Mark Ronson made headlines earlier this week when, on a segment of Good Morning Britain he said that he identified as a sapiosexual.

Sapiosexuality is a relatively new term and those who identify with it, might not neccessarily fall into the LGBT+ community.

What is a sapiosexual?

According to gender and sexuality support charity, My Umbrella, a sapiosexual is a “person who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing”.


Meaning that a person’s intelligence is a turn on over physical or gender attributes.


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