Judge Rinder Vs Judge Judy – who will be victorious?

Is Judge Rinder going to the USA?

It seems as though out and proud Robert Rinder, AKA Judge Rinder could be making his way to the USA as TV execs stateside are eyeing up his show’s success here in the UK.

Speaking to The Sun Robert revealed that talks about putting Judge Rinder on US televisions are advanced and its overall success could all depend on which network the show lands on.

He said,

“The show is in advanced talks to go to America. The difficulty with American television is it’s pot luck.

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“We have a good relationship with a very famous production company but it depends what channel you’re on,”

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The UK judge, however, will have to do some considerable catch up in order to beat US TV’s most successful courtroom shows. With just over 400 episodes, Judge Rinder is going to have to play some serious catch up to Judge Judy’s show which has run for a staggering 21 series with over 5900 episodes and Divorce Court which has over 5700 episodes.


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