Justin Bieber Denies Erect Penis Pics Are His

Now clearly as a publication, we’re not about to publish the pictures here – but we can tell you where they are…

According to the hosting website, Queerclick the Justin Bieber erections are actually of his erect penis, however, the star himself told TMZ that it’s not his “junk”. They’ve kinda gone all Ms Marple on the photos – showing how his tattoos all match and how they all sync up from other topless photos. Both pictures posted are headless.

From what we can gather, the pictures are from personal messages sent out, to whom we don’t know- with one of the pictures even asking whether the sender could “cum inside”.

There are two pictures one of a side view and the other is a bird’s eye view.

Last month Bieber’s peen broke the internet when a pap caught the singer in the all together whilst on holiday in Bora Bora.

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Many people have taken to the comments section of the hosting website – some claiming that the (rather large) appendage is as real as his talent, while some are positively enchanted by his bell end!

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Anyway, fake or otherwise you can see for yourself. Enjoy.

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