Controversial radio host and columnist Katie Hopkins has told listeners to her LBC radio show she doesn’t think that the tax payer should “pander” to trans people’s  “life choices”.



Talk-show host and Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins said that the tax payer shouldn’t be funding fertility treatment for trans people and blamed a cash strapped NHS for her reasoning.

Speaking on her weekend slot on LBC, the controversial star asked her listeners,

“Is it OK that we are paying for these individuals and their life choices? … It don’t think it is as it goes.”

The ex-Apprentice star said,

“As much as I love to wave the rainbow coloured banner as much as the next individual.

As much as I see that that’s the way the world’s going – I may need to catch up with that. I don’t agree with it.

“I don’t think we should be paying for trans people to have their eggs frozen on the NHS.

“If we lived in a world of endless resources…

If money fell from the sky in a golden shower, of quite a different making… then well of course, there would be no problem with the amount of cash available but the fact is we are 2.45 billion pounds in debt with our NHS.”

“The fact is we’ve got cataract operations being cancelled, three out of four trusts now do not perform cataract operations until the patient is perfectly blind because we don’t have the funds to approve them.

After revealing that people are waiting extended times for their cataract operations Hopkins asked,

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“Do we really need to pander to the trans community and their whims? I say no.”

Gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatments can often make trans people infertile or cause fertility issues.

As a matter of routine the NHS currently offers the choice of freezing eggs so that trans people can have children at a later date.

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This same choice is offered to cancer patients and other treatments where fertility may be affected.

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