Has bisexual Marnie’s boob flash ruined her chances of winning Celeb BB?

Saira Marnie exposes her breasts to Saira Khan

Last night the British public saw Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson flash her boobs in Saira’s face during a dare – was it a move that will cost her place in the final?

CREDIT: Channel 5


Proudly bisexual Marnie Simpson was heavily criticised on social media last night after she flash her breasts at fellow contestant Saira Khan, which many have called a bullying tactic.

Saira Marnie exposes her breasts to Saira Khan
CREDIT Channel 5


It was part of a dare where her younger fellow housemates told her to apologise for an earlier argument with the Loose Woman panelist Saira Khan. However Marnie went a step further by lowering her top and wiggling her breasts in Saira’s face and in front of Christopher Biggins, James Whale and Grant Bovey.

Bookies William Hill slashed the reality TV star’s odds of winning from 4/1 to 6/1, whilst Christopher Biggin’s odds rose from 3/1 to 2/1.

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It seems as though Christopher Biggins is the one to beat for this season of Celebrity Big Brother.

William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly said,

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“Marnie was looking like the main challenger to Biggins, however her antics at the end of Sunday’s show saw a lot of negative reaction on social media and the betting activity on her to win the show has all but dried up in the last 12 hours.”


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