Katie Hopkins is well known for her snarky remarks and quips, however the gay icon wannabe has gotten herself into hot water after blasting I’m A Celebrity’s Gemma Collins for being fat.

Katie Hopkins has made no secret about wanting to be a gay icon along the likes of Madonna, Kylie or Bette Midler, however after a tirade of abuse aimed at Gemma Collins in I’m A Celebrity, her cause might be sullied somewhat.

Taking to Twitter numerous times, Katie has tried to stake her claim as a gay icon, however that stake is looking more and more unlikely after hundreds of Gemma Collins fans have shown their outrage of the ex Apprentice’s fat jibes and trolling comments. One of Katie’s tweets earlier in the year outlines her potential credentials of being a gay icon saying, ‘…ambition is to be a gay icon, Hence I wear tan tights with silver shoes (not working x).’

Gemma Collins, who made her name in the reality TV series, The Only Way Is Essex, has publicly battled with her weight for years. She entered the Jungle on Sunday evening, but walked from the show after deciding that ‘ jungle life is not for her’.

Jake Hook, co- founder of TheGayUK said, ‘The idea that Katie wants to be a “gay icon” whatever that might mean is ridiculous, those people who have found a place in the collective LGBT community’s heart like Madonna, or Bette, have got there because their positivity towards the LGBT community and strong anti-bullying stances, not latching on to old clichés of what gay men would want from their “gay icons,” or the clear bullying that Katie is so prolific in.’

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Speaking to TheGayUK about Gemma’s departure from the Jungle, leading celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan Williams said, ‘In terms of public perception, it may appear Gemma Collins has not done herself any favours with such a swift departure from the jungle, but as a therapist I cannot say I am surprised as there are obviously deep seated reasons behind her behaviour which I think warrant compassion rather than judgement.

‘An educated commentary on her with relevance to why she left, her naivety or any other general form of discussion and constructive advice on how to overcome her issues that goes with the very nature of being in the public eye is acceptable, but these constant attacks on Gemma’s weight are no doubt having a further damaging effect on her and teenagers everywhere and exacerbating a generation that is already obsessed with weight and body image.

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‘I would have liked to have seen Katie Hopkins to draw on the fact she is a mother and not open the floodgates to more media attention on weight issues and focus on the heart of the matter which is that Gemma let her fears get the better of her. Gemma had a moment of weakness, she wanted comfort over proving herself to be the next Bear Grylls. That’s all.’

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