Controversialist Katie Hopkins has slammed the Sussex police service for their colour Pride cars.

Taking to Twitter wannabe gay icon Katie Hopkins has blasted the Sussex police service for spending £750 of taxpayer’s money on Pride decals for two of their vehicles for the upcoming Eastbourne and Hasting’s Pride.


Tweeting to Inspector Mark Evans, Critical incident Inspector for Sussex Police, Katie suggested that the money would be better spent sorting out crime reporting issues.

She said,

“Mark – Shall we spend some cash sorting our crime-reporting issues? Nah mate, screw that crime nonsense. Let’s colour in a cop car.”


Outlining her point, she said, “It costs £750, Taxpayers [sic] cash”.

The Tweet inciting a lot of commentators on Twitter, with some suggesting that it was a “disgrace” and baulked at the “lunacy of the modern PC PC!!”

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The force said,

“Sussex Police play a large role in the policing of Pride.

“We also feel it is important to promote LGBT equality within our local communities.”

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