In a tweet, Katie Hopkins has declared that she believes there will be an uprising against white people in Western Europe.

Katie Hopkins, who once described a wish to become a “gay icon” has declared that a white genocide is on its way to Western Europe and that white people will have to live in gated communties and behind walls. And she believes it will happen in “our lifetimes”.

The controversial, former columnist for The Sun and the Daily Mail, failed TV talk show host, non-winning Apprentice contestant, former radio presenter for LBC has recently travelled to South Africa to record and document attacks and murders of white South African farmers for Rebel Media – a far-right media organisation.

Using South Africa as an example, she wrote “The slaughter of minority whites in South Africa will be repeated in Western Europe. In OUR lifetime, whites will be forced behind walls, in gated communities in the countries we used to call home”

She finished her tweet with the hashtags: #MinorityWhiteRights and #MAGA (which stands for Make America Great Again – despite Katie Hopkins living in the UK a country, which is not America, and where white people are not in the minority.

Currently in South Africa the white demographic equals about eight percent of the population. In the UK the non-white population counts for around 14 percent of the population, in France it is estimated to be around 22 percent (2009) and in Germany, it is estimated that the Germany-Afro community stands at 2 percent of the population.

The tweet was met with mixed reaction. Whilst some agreed with her premise, many responders were quick to slate Hopkins’ suggestion, giving Ms Hopkins a brief history lesson.

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Others decided to take her tweet a bit more seriously,

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In January Hopkins asked her followers the following question, “Why is there no heterosexual community? Or white community? Do you need to feel like a victim to belong? #transcommunity #lgbtcommunity #blackcommunity”.


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